From the perspective of a child, the dentist might be a scary event. Yet, taking children to the dentist is important to encourage amazing oral hygiene habits and keep their teeth in excellent shape. Listed below are tips and tricks to help kids overcome their fear of visiting the dentist!

  1. Bring them to the dentist while they are still young.
    • It is recommended that the first visit occurs at the age of one or when they get their first visible tooth. The earlier the child comes in for their visit, the better!
  2. Be cautious of the words you use around your children.
    • Don’t use words such as “Shots,” “Pain,” or “Hurt” in the context of their dental visit. The staff will introduce them to vocabulary that guides them through any difficult situation that could arise.
  3. Give emphasis on the importance of good oral hygiene.
    • As a parent, it is important to remind them how a dental visit is not a choice but rather an absolute necessity for them to go to ensure the strength and upkeep of their teeth. With how well and strong their teeth are the wider variety of food items they can eat!

Your child should feel comfortable around their pediatric dentist and when they start to feel nervous the dentist and staff should help calm their nerves and put them at ease. A common relief strategy for kids to follow when feeling overwhelmed about their dental visit is breathing exercises. Simple deep breathing exercises in a slow and paced manner can help a child as they are preparing for their visit!


We want to make every child feel comfortable and eliminate all worry when it comes to getting their teeth cleaned. If you have any questions or would like to set up an appointment, call or text us today!