The most effective preventive dentistry plans include patient education, regular cleanings and exams, treatment, and daily brushing and flossing. Our team is committed to helping your child enjoy happy and beautiful smiles for life.

Preventive treatment includes the following:

  • Dental cleanings and exams every six months to prevent dental decay and check for other oral issues.
  • X-rays, either as part of an exam or when a problem is suspected.
  • Daily brushing and flossing to keep plaque from building up.
  • Early detection and repair of cavities to stop them from causing tooth pain.
  • According to the AAPD, “Sealants placed in the grooves of permanent molars have shown to reduce cavities on those teeth by over 70% over 2-3 years.”
  • At Smiles4Life, we perform thorough exams to assess your child’s situation. Detailed examinations allow our Doctors to give custom dental plans and treatments to our patients.
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Preventive dentistry is especially important for children. In addition to exams, we may recommend fluoride treatment, sealants, or orthodontics. Our goal is to keep gum disease, cavities, and tooth sensitivity from becoming problematic.

In the past, people often had dental problems that went undetected and untreated. When a dental problem goes untreated for a long time, repair can become difficult. With today’s advanced technology, we can detect issues early and help your child avoid complications in the future.


One of our most important partners in preventive treatments is the parent. Helping your child learn how to brush and floss can help them have a beautiful smile for a lifetime! Once your child is 1 year old, use a smear (grain of rice) of fluoridated toothpaste and a toothbrush designed for children.

You can also teach your child about healthy eating habits and how they can help build strong teeth and bones. Calcium-rich foods like milk and leafy greens are vital for developing teeth. Brushing after a sugary treat is also beneficial.

Besides keeping your child’s smile beautiful, preventive care also saves you money in the long run. Costly dental work can be avoided when you take good care of your child’s teeth.


We want your child to lead a happy and healthy life. For excellent preventive dentistry in Tulsa, Oklahoma, give us a call today.