With school back in session and new schedules being established for both students and families, here are some helpful tips to begin initiating.

1) Re-establish Dental Routine: 
● It is easy to fall out of organization and miss brushing your teeth here and there, especially over the summer! Re-establish your dental routine around what works with your schedule, to keep up with preventative dental care.
● Implementation: We encourage teeth brushing twice a day and flossing once a day. Brushing teeth to their favorite song can make the experience more enjoyable!

2) Early Night Time Routine:
● Getting ready for bed while you still have energy will help prioritize dental care.
● Implementation: Each night before you start to feel tired, begin your bedtime routine and create time to focus on your oral hygiene.

3) Minimize Sugary Foods and Drinks:
● As you pick out what to eat each day, pack lunches, and stock the pantry with afterschool snacks, be mindful of the treats you consume. Tooth decay is linked to consuming sugary foods and drinks.
● Implementation: As you choose your favorite snacks, be on the lookout for the extra sugars added into packaged treats!

4) Drink water and a lot of it!
● Water helps remove bacteria and plaque build up. Plaque can’t develop in places that are clean so drinking water throughout the day is good for your teeth and gums.
● Implementation: Carry around a reusable water bottle everywhere you go, water is a great mouth cleaner so it is important to keep it close!

5) Schedule Dental Visits:
● When school begins, everyone’s schedules become more packed and busy. It is important to see a specialist as the days fly by to make sure your teeth are well taken care of.
● Implementation: Bring the family in together! Rather than making multiple trips, schedule an appointment for each family member to ensure there are no cavities!

Whether you make an appointment for yourself or you bring in the whole family together, call us today to schedule your appointments!